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AWP 2014 & Recent Web Work Round-up

I will not be in Seattle for AWP this year, but my books will be! You can get a copy of Why We Never Talk About Sugar, my collection of short stories, at the Braddock Avenue Books table. Or, you can grab a copy of my brand new chapbook, This Will Be His Legacy, from Lettered […]

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“Birth Story” in The Rumpus

Today I’m vey proud to have essay up at The Rumpus, which consistently publishes the best non-fiction of any magazine or website I read. The piece is called “Birth Story” and it’s about birth stories in general, and one in particular. In many ways, it’s a follow-up to an essay of mine they published last […]

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I’ve got some new work out in the world. Here’s what’s new: An essay in the new issue of Third Coast called “Other Aubreys I Have Known.” It’s about me…kind of. It’s about recognizing myself in other people. Here’s an excerpt: Aubrey #1 I don’t know her real name, but she is me, sort of. My […]

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Talking to Little Girls

Today, for the first time ever, I have a piece of writing in a newspaper! Long live print media! My article is called “Chatting with Princess Wannabe” and it’s in today’s edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The article is a response to Lisa Bloom’s Huffington Post piece, “How to Talk to Little Girls“. In her […]

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The Reprint’s “Stolen Issue”

I recently lent an essay I’d written to the talented Brian Oliu to be remixed as part of The Reprint’s “Stolen Issue.” The essay, “A Florist’s Encyclopedia,” originally appeared in Third Coast in the fall of 2010, and when Brian contacted me about doing a re-write, I answered with a resounding “Hell yes!” Brian is […]

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Making Metaphor

First of all, very glad to even be able to type the word “metaphor” today. On Saturday, I poured a very full glass of water directly into the keyboard of my shiny new laptop. It was mostly fine, but not all of the keys recovered. I had to spend the next 24 hours using the […]

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