AWP 2014 & Recent Web Work Round-up

I will not be in Seattle for AWP this year, but my books will be! You can get a copy of Why We Never Talk About Sugar, my collection of short stories, at the Braddock Avenue Books table. Or, you can grab a copy of my brand new chapbook, This Will Be His Legacy, from LetteredContinue reading “AWP 2014 & Recent Web Work Round-up”

New Story: Albert Arnold Gore

This month, a story of mine is being featured as American Short Fiction‘s web exclusive. There’s a also an interview with me on their blog. “Albert Arnold Gore” is the latest in my series of counterfactual biographies. It’s actually three mini-stories that make up one complete story. Before this one, all of these stories hadContinue reading “New Story: Albert Arnold Gore”

New Story: John Sevier

Today there’s a new story from my series of counterfactual biographies up at The Emprise Review. I have to send some thanks out to Amber Sparks for being the perfect history nerd for this story. This one’s called “John Sevier” and it’s about the one and only Governor of the lost state of Franklin. FranklinContinue reading “New Story: John Sevier”

New Story: “Chairman of the Boards”

New story from my series of “counterfactual biographies” up at the brand new Flywheel Magazine today. This is Flywheel’s first issue and the line-up is stellar, including Roxane Gay, xTx, Brian Oliu, and Sal Pane, among lots of other talented folks. Read the whole issue. You won’t be disappointed. My contribution is called “Chairman ofContinue reading “New Story: “Chairman of the Boards””

New Story: “Michael Collins” & Guest Editing at SmokeLong!

Brand new installment of my series of “counterfactual biographies” up at Monkeybicycle today. This one is called “Michael Collins” and it’s about the Apollo 11 astronaut, not the Irish revolutionary. Here’s a taste: NASA announces Apollo 11 and he sketches a cartoon bald eagle landing on the moon’s surface, the Earth rising like a starContinue reading “New Story: “Michael Collins” & Guest Editing at SmokeLong!”

New Story: “The Nine Innings of Morrie Rath”

I am Hobart-ing it up this month with stories in both the web and print versions of the magazine. The story in Hobart Web,  “The Nine Innings of Morrie Rath,” is part of their annual baseball issue to kick off the start of the season. Morrie Rath was the Reds’ player that was hit withContinue reading “New Story: “The Nine Innings of Morrie Rath””

New Story: “Pinocchio”

Today I have a new story up at Bluestem Magazine. This one’s called “Pinocchio” and (you guessed it) it’s about Pinocchio. I’m currently working a series of flash fictions I’m calling “unauthorized fictional biographies” or maybe “counter-factual biographies.” This piece is part of that series. I’m hoping it will make an interesting chapbook somewhere downContinue reading “New Story: “Pinocchio””