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Why I Gave Away My Wedding Dress

Pretty soon after my wedding I started to wonder what I was supposed to do with my wedding dress. It wasn’t the kind of thing I could wear to a Christmas party. Some people, I knew, had their dresses “preserved” by a dry cleaner, a kind of textile embalming. I didn’t think my dress would […]

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Going through the publication process with my first book is teaching me a lot. For example, when I sent the book out for blurbs, I discovered a brand new blend of excitement and mortal terror that I think only exists when you’re showing other people your book for the first time. I spent a harrowing […]

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My First Time

This month’s article at Flash Fiction Chronicles is about my first time being published. I’ve re-posted it here: Everyone remembers their first time. Maybe you’re young and naive, like I was. Maybe you’ve been working up to it so long that you already feel like a pro. But when the moment arrives, it’s always the […]

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Being Stalked By a Robot is Better Than Being Stalked By a Human

I had a terrifying moment the other day when I clicked on a link from my “google alert” (Yes, I have a google alert set up for my name. So do you.) and found this. At first it looks like a restaurant homepage, but when you scroll down it’s all me, me, me! For about […]

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Falling in Love With the Wrong Men

Today I read this interview with Michelle Herman about write/life balance and finding a partner that will support your writing. The whole interview is interesting, but I got hung up on this sentence: After many years of falling in love with precisely the wrong men, and using up the time and energy that I might […]

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