I’ve got some new work out in the world. Here’s what’s new:

  • An essay in the new issue of Third Coast called “Other Aubreys I Have Known.” It’s about me…kind of. It’s about recognizing myself in other people. Here’s an excerpt:

Aubrey #1

I don’t know her real name, but she is me, sort of. My friends and I call her Aubrey because she looks like me. And I mean, wow, she really looks like me. We both start college at the same school in August, but I don’t actually see her until well into October. At first, I only hear about her.

  • A story in CEDARS called “The News and What it Means to Noah.” You can read this one online. This is a very science-y story, reflecting my love of all things particle physics. I had a great time doing the research for it and I learned a lot! Maybe you will, too. If not, there’s a story in there somewhere, I promise!
  • A story in the new issue of Whiskey Island Magazine called “The Specialists”. The website seems to be dragging behind their printer, so my piece is in issue 59 not 58, but I got my copy already and it is lovely! Here’s a sample from this story:

By the end of our first day of basic, word was out that Jakewad had raped a girl once and gotten away with it. He didn’t brag about it or anything; it was Net that spread the news. They were from the same town, south of Fort Sill, and according to Net, Jakewad was famous there.

“I know you, man,” Net told Jakewad, after hearing his real name in the Reception Battalion. “You’re the guy that gave it to that cheerleader.”

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