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AWP 2014 & Recent Web Work Round-up

I will not be in Seattle for AWP this year, but my books will be! You can get a copy of Why We Never Talk About Sugar, my collection of short stories, at the Braddock Avenue Books table. Or, you can grab a copy of my brand new chapbook, This Will Be His Legacy, from Lettered […]

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Some Things.

A new story from my series of counterfactual biographies went up at Cobalt. It’s about Rachel Garrett, the only (ever) female captain of the USS Enterprise. Yes, it’s about Star Trek. I am not ashamed. I wrote a column on learning about your own process for FFC. Have you checked out Exits Are yet? This […]

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Getting Motivated

Well, it’s February and if you’re anything like me, your New Year’s resolutions to write more, submit more, write on a schedule, finally finish that scene, that story, that book have all faded away like champagne bubbles. To help you get back to being productive, here are some websites dedicated to helping writers get motivated: […]

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Where to Send Your Experimental Writing

Last weekend, I facilitated a workshop all about experimental writing as part of Dzanc Books’ National Workshop Day. During the workshop, I talked a bit about publishing experimental writing and gave the participants a (very incomplete) list of venues that are particularly amenable to this kind of writing. Below is this list. Of course, what […]

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What to Do With This Novella…

I’m currently writing a thousand things at once (it works for me; don’t judge) and, among them, I’m polishing up a novella-in-stories and getting ready to…what? It’s a tough sentence to finish for many reasons. First, I’m not even sure a novella-in-stories is a thing. (Anyone ever write one of these? What did you do […]

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Things I Like Around the Interwebs (plus, a new story)

My partner tells me there’s a better, more standard way to do this. He’s very interested in the OFFICIAL INTERNET. My learning curve is hurting his insides. HTML Giant. I already miss Mean Week. The PANK blog. When my students are clueless about where to send their work, I tell them to read the PANK […]

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