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The Reprint’s “Stolen Issue”

I recently lent an essay I’d written to the talented Brian Oliu to be remixed as part of The Reprint’s “Stolen Issue.” The essay, “A Florist’s Encyclopedia,” originally appeared in Third Coast in the fall of 2010, and when Brian contacted me about doing a re-write, I answered with a resounding “Hell yes!” Brian is […]

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9 Writers Walk into a Bar…

…and one says to the other, “Hey, J. Bradley, you never interviewed me when I had a story in PANK. What gives?” We’re in the colorful lobby bar of the Marriott in DC, day 2 of AWP. In our little circle is a ton of amazing talent: J. Bradley, Nicelle Davis, Roxane Gay, xTx, Devan […]

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New Story: “Amelia”

I’ve got a new story, “Amelia,” up at SmokeLong Quarterly. You can also read a thoughtful review of “Amelia” over at Vouched. UPDATE: Turns out my theory behind Amelia Earhart’s disappearance may not be fiction after all.

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