New Story: “Pinocchio”

Today I have a new story up at Bluestem Magazine. This one’s called “Pinocchio” and (you guessed it) it’s about Pinocchio. I’m currently working a series of flash fictions I’m calling “unauthorized fictional biographies” or maybe “counter-factual biographies.” This piece is part of that series. I’m hoping it will make an interesting chapbook somewhere down the line (hint, hint, chapbook publishers!). I’m quite proud of this piece, so I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s an excerpt to encourage you to click over, read the story, and check out the rest of the quarterly issue:

Now that Pinocchio is finally a real boy, he understands that what he really wants to be is a woman. He knows he has to tell his father, Geppetto, who spent his whole life longing for a son.

“Dad,” he says, “I need to talk to you about something.”

Amelia,” originally in SmokeLong Quarterly, is also part of this series. And there are many more to come. Stay tuned!

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