New Story: “Chairman of the Boards”

New story from my series of “counterfactual biographies” up at the brand new Flywheel Magazine today. This is Flywheel’s first issue and the line-up is stellar, including Roxane Gay, xTx, Brian Oliu, and Sal Pane, among lots of other talented folks. Read the whole issue. You won’t be disappointed.

My contribution is called “Chairman of the Boards” and it’s about a certain basketball player infamous for his many “scores,” if you catch my meaning.

Here’s an excerpt:

What number she is, he isn’t sure. He might finally be somewhere around a thousand. But those are private numbers. When she asks (and they always do), he will tell her she is number 14,621. But he doesn’t want to think about numbers now. Numbers run his life. They scroll through his mind like the marquee in Times Square: average points, free throw percentages, wins, losses, his height, his weight, how much money his skills are worth this year compared to last, how many good years his legs could possibly have left, how long his heart can go on pumping blood through all those miles and miles of veins.

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