Things I Like Around the Interwebs (plus, a new story)

My partner tells me there’s a better, more standard way to do this. He’s very interested in the OFFICIAL INTERNET. My learning curve is hurting his insides.

  1. HTML Giant. I already miss Mean Week.
  2. The PANK blog. When my students are clueless about where to send their work, I tell them to read the PANK blog and click all the links. I do it too.
  3. Nothing makes me laugh harder than Slush Pile Hell.
  4. Joel Stickley’s How to Write Badly Well. I like to read the new (and old) posts and laugh and say I am on the inside of all these jokes!
  5. I love and hate Duotrope’s Digest. A longer discussion of this is forthcoming. It has turned me into an obsessive compulsive lit mag stalker. Refresh! Refresh!

What did I miss?

Also, I have a new story live today at Bananafish. Check it out!

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