9 Writers Walk into a Bar…

…and one says to the other, “Hey, J. Bradley, you never interviewed me when I had a story in PANK. What gives?”

We’re in the colorful lobby bar of the Marriott in DC, day 2 of AWP. In our little circle is a ton of amazing talent: J. Bradley, Nicelle Davis, Roxane Gay, xTx, Devan Goldstein, Sal Pane, Robert Yune, Adam Reger and, of course, me.

J. Bradley says, “C’mon. I MUST have interviewed you.” But after a few minutes of diligently combing through back emails it turns out that, alas, I had been looked over. I am content to just shrug and make a sad face and continue faux-interviewing myself in the shower and thinking, wistfully, about the interview questions that could have been…

But J. Bradley has a better idea. “Give me a few minutes to re-read your story,” he says, “and I’ll interview you right now. On video.”

Roxane Gay, benevolent overlord of all things PANK, is sitting to his left sipping on something clear and says, “Awesome.”


So, I am psyched to link to my very belated, but totally awesome, PANK (video!) interview. With big thanks to J. Bradley for his brilliant idea and also for caring about the oversight enough to re-read my story, walk out of the bar with me, and do the interview on the spot.

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