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New Story: “Michael Collins” & Guest Editing at SmokeLong!

Brand new installment of my series of “counterfactual biographies” up at Monkeybicycle today. This one is called “Michael Collins” and it’s about the Apollo 11 astronaut, not the Irish revolutionary. Here’s a taste: NASA announces Apollo 11 and he sketches a cartoon bald eagle landing on the moon’s surface, the Earth rising like a star […]

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Where to Send Your Experimental Writing

Last weekend, I facilitated a workshop all about experimental writing as part of Dzanc Books’ National Workshop Day. During the workshop, I talked a bit about publishing experimental writing and gave the participants a (very incomplete) list of venues that are particularly amenable to this kind of writing. Below is this list. Of course, what […]

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Falling in Love With the Wrong Men

Today I read this interview with Michelle Herman about write/life balance and finding a partner that will support your writing. The whole interview is interesting, but I got hung up on this sentence: After many years of falling in love with precisely the wrong men, and using up the time and energy that I might […]

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Fixed Form Narratives

Reposting this piece on Fixed Form Narratives from my monthly column over at Flash Fiction Chronicles. I have a new column there on the first Monday of every month. Here’s April’s! In my English classes in high school, I was never one for sonnets or villanelles. I found them to be a bit too restrictive […]

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New Story: “The Nine Innings of Morrie Rath”

I am Hobart-ing it up this month with stories in both the web and print versions of the magazine. The story in Hobart Web,  “The Nine Innings of Morrie Rath,” is part of their annual baseball issue to kick off the start of the season. Morrie Rath was the Reds’ player that was hit with […]

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