Dzanc Day! Dzig it!

I’m very happy to be co-leading a workshop for this year’s Dzanc Day, a day when writers, editors and teachers donate their time and talents to raise money for some of Dzanc Books‘ more charitable endeavors. These include the Dzanc Prize, which recognizes one writer annually for literary excellence and service to his or her community, and their Writer in Residence Program, which places professional writers into classrooms to provide creative writing instruction to public school students who could not otherwise afford it.

To help support these programs, Dzanc Day workshops are held simultaneously in various states across the U.S. The one I’m leading in Colorado Springs is about Generating and Publishing Experimental Writing and it’s going to be awesome. If you live in Colorado—sign up! If you live somewhere else, find a workshop near you and sign up for that one.

It’s going to be big, so don’t get left out!

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