Monthly Archives: July 2011

New Story: John Sevier

Today there’s a new story from my series of counterfactual biographies up at The Emprise Review. I have to send some thanks out to Amber Sparks for being the perfect history nerd for this story. This one’s called “John Sevier” and it’s about the one and only Governor of the lost state of Franklin. Franklin […]

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NO Stalking!

So, remember when I thought I was being stalked by a robot? Turns out there were people behind that website, but the web-stalking was completely unbeknownst to them! Check out the email I got this morning from kind Fabio in Florence: Subject: NO Stalking – sorry for the misadventure! Hi Aubrey, through Google analytics we […]

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Rejected: A Companion Piece

I wrote a little article for Flash Fiction Chronicles about dealing with rejection. Since the article was a sort of “advice” piece, I stuck to techniques that I would actually recommend to other writers. But for my personal blog, where I let bigger chunks of my crazy out onto the internet, I thought I’d mention […]

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