NO Stalking!

So, remember when I thought I was being stalked by a robot? Turns out there were people behind that website, but the web-stalking was completely unbeknownst to them! Check out the email I got this morning from kind Fabio in Florence:

Subject: NO Stalking – sorry for the misadventure!

Hi Aubrey,
through Google analytics we just found out about your misadventure with our website. I am very sorry, we are not responsible for it. I (Italian) and my German partner have in fact a website in German language promoting our tasting tours in Italy. The url is We have no the slightest idea how someone was able to enter our server and insert this incredible page with your pictures. Moreover, we have now serious problems of getting rid of this page and might have to rebuild the whole website from scratch. We use WordPress for the website. I am very sorry again and will do our best to cancel the page asap. We were as schocked to find out this as you were!
Fabio (Florence)

So look at that! The Internet: Bringing People Together To Set the Record Straight About Who’s Stalking Who Since 1994.

2 thoughts on “NO Stalking!

  1. Tell Fabio I’m a huge fan of his book covers. And also, I’m sorry about the time that bird hit him in the face when he was testing out that new rollercoaster. That was a dark day for America.

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