Conversations & Connections

Barrelhouse Magazine’s Conversations & Connections writing conference is coming to Pittsburgh on October 18! This one-day conference is geared toward providing practical advice on writing and publishing to writers (or aspiring writers) in any stage of their career. I’m so excited that Why We Never Talk About Sugar will be the featured fiction collection at the conference!

Additionally, I’ll be participating in a panel on “Breaking In.” Myself and three other writers will talk about our literary firsts: our first submissions, our first publications, our first books, and, yes, even those first rejections. There are plenty of other panels on writing your character’s dark side, what editors love (and what they hate) and writing about place. Plus, the fantastic Roxane Gay is giving the keynote address!

From their website:

Want to write better? Want to get published? Attending pricey, academic-style, lecture-hall writer’s conferences won’t quite get you there, no matter how good the bagels are.

Here’s what will: a comfortable, congenial environment where you can meet other writers, editors and publishers. You need to speak with the people who make editorial decisions, as well as with others who are trying to perfect their craft, just like you.

You’ll find this at Conversations & Connections, a conference devoted to giving you practical advice on getting published.

There’s still time to be a part of this great event. Click here to read about the conference and everything you’ll get for the (very affordable) price of admission!

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