Monthly Archives: December 2011


Going through the publication process with my first book is teaching me a lot. For example, when I sent the book out for blurbs, I discovered a brand new blend of excitement and mortal terror that I think only exists when you’re showing other people your book for the first time. I spent a harrowing […]

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Sounds My Radiator Makes That Kept Me Fully Awake Last Night Between the Hours of 2 and 6 a.m.

The one that sounds like someone’s firing bird shot into the pipes The one that sounds like boiling water The one that sounds like my late hamster, Time Machine, drinking from his water bottle (this one is both annoying and sad) The one that sounds like my laptop fan cycling The one that sounds like […]

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Getting to Know the Market

Re-posted from my monthly column at FFC. If you’re new to the submissions game, trying to find markets that might fit your work can seem like an impossible task. How do you learn your way around an arena as vast and varied as the world of literary magazines? Mostly, it just takes a lot of […]

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