[sic] Implied

A list of (not so) descriptive phrases from Courtney Stodden’s Twitter feed you probably want to avoid using in your fiction:

  • Juicy sun
  • Enticingly refreshing
  • Exotically crawling
  • Delicious flick
  • Sensually stacked day
  • Tone lil’ tush
  • Pleasurable pool
  • Boisterously bounce
  • Sensual sightings
  • Soft-ticklish boa-feathers
  • Tantalizing wear
  • Desirable-dusky-dress
  • Wondrous bed
  • Compellingly connect
  • Prowling mysteriously
  • Bodily breakfast
  • Drippin-slippery-mud
  • Passionately frisky
  • Sexual daylight
  • Productive-fulfilled errands

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