New Story: “Certainty”

Today I have a story, “Certainty,” up at PANK Magazine. I’ve written a lot of stories that involve relationships and I’ve written a lot of break-up stories, but I think this might be the first story I’ve written that I would classify as a “love story.”

This is the part where I’m tempted to say a bunch of stuff about what I’m trying to say in this story, and what it means, and how I mean it, but I will refrain and let the story speak for itself as it’s supposed to. Check it out here if you’re looking for a little loooooooove.

Here’s the opening:

Right from the start, Cris was pretty certain she could get me pregnant. It started on our honeymoon—a six day trip to Vegas where we stayed at the Venetian, ate at the Paris and drank all night at New York, New York. We took a gondola ride to the elevators and made out like high school kids. In our room, Cris slid her soft hands under my cotton skirt. She rubbed against me, her leg between my legs.

“Let’s make a baby,” she whispered.


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