Stories and Essays

Stories. Essays


Among the Stars.” The Bureau Dispatch.

Bad Boys.” Jellyfish Review

No Place to Go.” Wigleaf.

Certainty.”PANK. You can also read this story in Turkish!

Afterbirth.” Booth.

Multiple Sclerosis FAQ.” Fiction Southeast.

Pinocchio.” Bluestem Magazine.

Amelia.” SmokeLong Quarterly.

The Relic.” Matter Press: A Journal of Compressed and Creative Arts. 

Zachary Taylor.” Melville House.

Albert Arnold Gore.” American Short Fiction.

Rules For Living in a Simulation.” Daily Science Fiction.

You can listen to an audio version as part of Drabblecast’s Podcast here.

Michael Collins.” Monkeybicycle.

The Nine Innings of Morrie Rath.” Hobart.

Winter in Al Shuwaikh.” Used Furniture Review. 

Hydrogen Event in a Bubble Chamber.” PANK.

Why We Never Talk About Sugar.” Vestal Review.

The Snakeskin.” LITSNACK.


On Pregnancy & Parenting

Why Shouldn’t My Kids Have Their Mother’s Last Name?” TIME.

Dear Childfree Person: You Pretty Much Get It.” The Butter.

On Pregnancy and Privacy and Fear.” The Rumpus.

Pregnancy: Endnotes.” Brain, Child Magazine.

In All Possible Worlds.” The Butter.

Why I Refuse to Enlist in the Mommy Wars.” Brain, Mother.

The Baby: Word Problems.” Brain, Mother.

Birth Story.” The Rumpus.

Learning to Talk to myself the Way I Talk to My Kid.” Brain, Mother.

Wanting Female Superheroes For Our Sons.” Brain, Mother.

The Post-Pregnancy Body.” The Rumpus.

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Other Essays

“That’s How it Works When You’re a Woman on the Internet.” Men Yell at Me.

Over and Over Again.” The Audacity.

In Matters of the Heart, We’re in This Together.” The New York Times.

More Than Friends.” Gay Magazine.

The Weather.” Gay Magazine.

Things I Watched Die.” The Collagist.

Five for New Orleans.” Minnetonka Review. Issue 4.

Speaking From the Throat.” The Summerset Review.