The Micro Award

Today I have exciting news to share! I’m the runner-up for the 2012 Micro Award! I finished right behind the fantastic Bruce Holland Rogers. The Micro Award is given annually to the judges’ favorite piece of flash fiction published in the previous year. You can read all about it and the winner and finalists here.

I took second place with “Certainty,” which was published in PANK this summer. I’m going to shamelessly share the judges kind words about this story because they left me smiling from ear to ear:

“Certainty” is one of those rare stories that walks that fine,
unsettling line between the world as we know it and the magic of
infinite possibilities.  Although it deals with social issues (like
lesbian parenting) and relationship conflict (namely, differing
expectations in relationships), it is neither an issue story nor a
relationship story.  Rather, it stands out as a modern day fable of
doubt and love, and most of all, the hope that allows the latter to
overcome the former.    It is truly a remarkable piece, reminiscent of
the finest work of Shirley Jackson and Elizabeth Graver.  Ms. Hirsch
has certainly raised expectations that she will have a major influence
on the short form in years to come.” -Jacob M. Appel

“Excellent writing, great pace. Movement, emotion. Wonderful
ending, great story.” -Shelley Singer

“The characters in Certainty are beautifully fleshed out and instantly
compelling; I was rooting for them right away. The attention to craft
was very evident as well and I found myself right there with the
narrator at the end, staring at the test box, hoping…” -Kevin A.

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